2004.04.15 06:41 "[Tiff] newbie question - compressing using lzw", by Lucelle Botardo

2004.04.15 16:39 "Re: [Tiff] newbie question - compressing using lzw", by Andrey Kiselev

I am also new newbie so I am trying the bundled tools in the libtiff package. I tried the tiff2rgba. I enabled the lzw support by recompiling again the files.

Have you replaced tif_lzw.c module with the one from the LZW compression kit?

I am using a libtiff version 3.5.7.

This package is quite outdated. Latest version is the 3.6.1.

My problem is why cant I compress my image using lzw compression but i can decompress an lzw compressed image file? the packbits compression is working as well. Is there anything that I am missing? Am I using a right version?

What commnaline do you using and what output do you have from the utility?


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