2010.12.14 17:55 "[Tiff] patch to tif_jpeg.c", by Dwight Kelly

2011.01.07 17:42 "Re: [Tiff] libtiff 4.0 stable? [was: Regression in libtiff 4.0 CVS when creating a JPEG RGB contig]", by Bob Friesenhahn

Are there particular API areas which you are concerned? Or is this just a general thing where someone needs to diff through the API again between 3.9 and 4.0? FWIW, the only change I encountered when adding support for libtiff 4.0 (back in May 2008) was to change our use of TIFFFindFieldInfo to TIFFFindField.

If you compare the libtiff manual pages with the libtiff headers you will see that the libtiff headers have had many of the typedeffed parameter types removed and replaced with explicitly-sized types. Joris did this because he did not like typedefs. The libtiff API is documented in terms of the typedefs which are now removed.

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