2004.10.11 11:05 "[Tiff] Tiffcp problem", by Beppe Costagliola

2004.10.11 19:48 "Re: [Tiff] Tiffcp problem", by Andrey Kiselev

I'm trying the tiffcp but I have a problem with the new tif being created.

Everything goes fine up to TIFFWriteDirectory when the created file contains the tiff header x'4D4D002A' in the first 4 bytes and x' 00000000' in the following 4 bytes (to be overwritten later) and the tif stream.

But when in DIRWRITE module the code does

* First directory, overwrite offset in header

it overwrites at the starting of the new tiff (offset 0) overwriting the x'4D4D002A' instead of starting at offset 4.

Can I have any suggestion on how to fix this problem?

That is very strange problem. What is your libtiff version? Sample file demonstrating the bug? Have you tried the latest libtiff from CVS?


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