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2004.04.29 14:31 "TIFF & IPTC on macOSX", by Daniel Snook
2004.04.29 15:12 "Re: TIFF & IPTC on macOSX", by Frank Warmerdam

2004.04.29 15:12 "Re: TIFF & IPTC on macOSX", by Frank Warmerdam

Daniel Snook wrote:
> Hi,
> I use libtiffv3.6.1 with libtiff-lzw-compression-kit1.5 on MacOSX, and
> when I insert IPTC data with ImageMagick6.0.0 and run tiffinfo on my image
> I get:
> TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, gc.tif: wrong data type 1 for "RichTIFFIPTC";
> tag ignored.


I don't know anything about IPTC, but I would suggest using tiffdump to
dump the contents of your file.  It will give low level details of all
fields that can be useful for debugging problems like this.

Putting a file demonstrating the problem somewhere people can download it
(by http or ftp) would also be helpful if you want help diagnosing the problem.

> Does anyone already had such a problem? On PC windows, it works fine.

"On PC windows" is not a very specific statement.  I gather some windows
application has no problem with the file?  What application?  Does it
properly read the IPTC info?  The message you see are all just warnings.
I would expect a libtiff based application to read the image though the
IPTC info might be ignored.

Best regards,
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