2004.03.24 15:19 "[Tiff] Need consultant", by Wendel Dean Renner

2004.03.24 15:19 "[Tiff] Need consultant", by Wendel Dean Renner

Please reply to WendelDRenner@comcast.net as we are not on the mailing list.

We need to be able to read TIFF image files from the UMAX 2100XL film scanner. X-ray films are to be scanned, so ultimately gray scale is needed (i.e. if the file is 16 bits each of red, green, blue, one would just take the average of each of those three signals at each pixel, but then we can do that if a true color array structure is simply returned by the function).

The tiff library only goes to 8 bit. We simple need a routine that can handle 16 bit, so that we have a c or c++ function we can call to decode the image data from the file and return the image data in an array of some sort. We also need the image size of course, and the pixel size if that was in the file. We would like to be able to compile the C or C++ routine on various platforms (Visual c++ .net or Linux). We have a routine that makes calls to the libtiff library to decode an image that is 8 bit, but don't know how to modify things to handle 16 bits per pixel, be it true color or gray scale.

Is there anyone who could do this for us?

Wendel Dean Renner, Math Resolutions, LLC