2009.05.26 07:59 "[Tiff] Unable to view the splitted multi tiff in the Image component of Flex", by Sadia Ather


Im using the libtiff library version 3.8.2 to split/merge etc multipage tiff files to jpegs (or any other portable format). It splits and opens the splitted jpegs on normal Image viewers (eg Windows Picture and Fax viewer) perfectly but am having problem loading it in the Adobe Flex image component..the images dont open. However, if I open and save those images as jpegs again, I am able to view those images in Flex. My goal is to split multi page tiff files and view these splitted jpegs in Flex. Is it an issue cause of the compression type(lossy/lossless) in the conversion from tiff to jpeg? If so, how should I change (what conversion parameters etc should be changed?), the current libtiff code to achieve this? In short, what is required to be changed in the functionality of splitting a mutli tiff so that I can view it in the Image component in Flex?