1998.12.04 04:44 "future of this list", by Sam Leffler

1998.12.04 08:35 "Re: future of this list", by Dominique Schmit

I asked once before for volunteers to host the list but only one person responded and they seemed to have lost interest. If you're willing to handle the list please contact me directly be email and I'll setup forwarding of tiff@sgi.com.

Well, if people are still interested in having a list about TIFF, I suppose I could host it on my machine. If, however, interest is waning at best, then I won't bother of course.

Let me know.

That would be a pity to loose such a valuable tool as the tiff mailing list which help using the nice libtiff and help better understanding and managing bitmap image formats.

Unfortunately, the policy of my company does not facilitate hosting mailing lists, so I would really appreciate if you Ronald or another can give your time and resources.

Yours sincerely.

Dominique Schmit
CEA/DIST Direction for Technical and Scientific Information - France