2008.08.11 10:44 "[Tiff] Supporting images > 2gb", by alexander johnson

2008.08.11 16:09 "Re: [Tiff] Supporting images > 2gb", by Bob Friesenhahn

Im trying to support images between 2gb and 4 gb. I've seen some reference to this in previous posts but I'm still unsure how to enable these larger files. From what I can tell offset needs to be set to unsigned to enable this. Is there anything else I need to do? Is there a particular version of libtiff I need to use to do this? I looked at 3.8.2 and it doesnt seem to have any of the functions required to support the larger files eg fseek64. Older versions like

Since you mention fseek64, I assume that you are using some sort of a Unix system. The large file standard for Unix provides a means whereby the existing file access API can be promoted to 64-bit (if necessary) via a pre-processor define so no application source changes are needed.

All of the modern 'configure' based libtiff's automatically enable large file support, and provide the option --disable-largefile in case you won't want it.

Some Unix systems don't need special large file support since they use a 64-bit file offset by default.

If you are using a Windows system, then I understand that it is useful to build with the libtiff Windows file I/O module rather than the Unix one. Windows stdio does not support large files.

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