1997.02.16 13:05 "Bug Report", by John Barott

[TIFFLIB_VERSION 19960307 /* March 7, 1996 */]

Windows NT - Versions 3.51 & 4.0. Intel and Alpha platforms.

A few comments regarding libtiff (v3.4 beta 024).

Wonderful package! Niles Ritter’s tag-extension scheme is a nice addition.

Tag Count is limited to only 16 bits. You may consider changing the type declaration used in TIF_DIRWRITE.C (line 371)

        u_long wc = (u_short) fip->field_writecount;

This may cause problems on 16 bit platforms but, hey, it’s the 90’s.

Colorspace conversion from YCC to RGB (putcontig8bitYCbCr11tile) divides the pixel count in half. I’m not certain this is necessary. See TIF_GETIMAGE.C (line 1339)

- Pete