2008.05.30 17:18 "[Tiff] Re: [gdal-dev] Problem with libTiff on Solaris 10", by Even Rouault

2008.05.30 20:58 "Re: [Tiff] Re: [gdal-dev] Problem with libTiff on Solaris 10", by Bob Friesenhahn

Related topic, do people know if there's a Valgrind option/patch that could help us to detect that? I looked a bit but couldn't find one. I imagine that's it's "easy" for Valgrind to detect and report such unaligned memory accesses. That could enable people not having the "chance" of getting access to a SPARC platform to anticipate such problems even with i386 hardware.

Many compilers will produce a warning if an action is performed in a way which does not assure correct alignment.

The popular targets for valgrind do not seem to care about aligned access, or perhaps unaligned access is just a bit slower.

I have access to SPARC here so if someone can formulate a simple way to re-create the problem without GDAL installed then I should be able to help debug the issue.

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