1998.12.10 13:00 "OJPEG_SUPPORT in 3.4b37", by Thies C. Arntzen

1998.12.10 13:10 "Re: OJPEG_SUPPORT in 3.4b37", by Thad Humphries

i'm getting some weird photo-wire-agency pictures from japan (their name is KYODO). the file is one "large" IPTC style file with 2 subfiles -

i can extract those subfiles from the IPTC with no problem - what i get are two TIF files.

but i cannot process those using the latest tiff library (JPEG-Support enabled).

i've tried to enable OJPEG_SUPPORT - but i can't find the needed TIFFInitOJPEG() function anywhere in the source code....

is there anybody out there that has successfully worked with libtiff and old-style-jpegs???

The answer I hear is that OJPEG support does not work because of conflicts in the spec. You might try what I did--closely examine the way OJPEG was implemented in the files you must work with, extract from them a JPEG file which you write to a temp file on disk, then do the decompression with libjpeg.

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