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1997.04.29 21:00 "Error compiling TIFF libraries 34b036", by Lee C. Brink

I'm getting an error that's baffling me (I'm not a programmer by trade) and I hope that someone has seen this before and can help me.

On a Sun Solaris 2.5 box I have set the JPEG & ZLIB parameters in I run configure with no errors and run make (Using gcc I get no errors until after is created and the utilities are starting to be created. Here's a grab of the section immediately after the ld command for

= tools
/usr/local/bin/gcc -c -I../libtiff -I../libtiff -g -O -I. -I../tools
-I../libtiff ../tools/fax2tiff.c
/usr/local/bin/gcc -o fax2tiff -g -O -I. -I../tools -I../libtiff
fax2tiff.o -L../libtiff -R/usr/local/lib -ltiff -L../../jpeg -ljpeg
ld: warning: file ../libtiff/ section .stabstr: malformed
string table

What I can't figure out is why this error is introduced into the library. There are no errors in compiling the individual pieces or in joining these pieces into the library.

Could some kind soul give a hint with this? Thanks.


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