2000.11.07 15:55 "OJPEG vs JPEG", by Michael O'Rourke

2000.11.07 16:29 "Re: OJPEG vs JPEG", by Helge Blischke

Can someone point to me to the spec of JPEG vs OJPEG. The TIFF 6.0 spec seems to only be OJPEG since it talks about compression tag value of 6. No where in the 6.0 spec do I see info about compression tag value of 7, so I'm assuming that this is elsewhere?

I need to provide this info to Kodak. Their TWAIN driver currently write OJPEG TIFF files which I'm sure we'd all like to see changed to JPEG TIFF files....

Have a look at http://partners.adobe.com. There's a link to technotes, and there you should find a document "TTN2.draft.txt" which describes this stuff in detail.