2004.01.14 15:09 "[Tiff] 64 bit offsets for large file support", by David Burken

2004.01.14 17:43 "Re: [Tiff] 64 bit offsets for large file support", by Frank Warmerdam

Wasn't there a suggestion that the TIFF/IT format could be used, as it allow tiling of multiple TIFF files? I'm not very familiar either with TIFF/IT or tifflib. Presumably this would NOT be a quick fix, as TIFFLIB doesn't handle TIFF/IT and neither do most existing TIFF-based applications.

Is TIFF/IT still alive? I don't hear much about it lately.


Sorry, I don't know enough about TIFF/IT to comment. There are a variety of schemes for tiling TIFF files to represent larger datasets, all of which can presumably work fine. That doesn't mean they are very interoperable though.

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