2004.01.14 17:14 "[Tiff] http://www.libtiff.org/", by Bob Friesenhahn

2004.01.16 08:26 "Re: [Tiff] http://www.libtiff.org/", by Rob van den Tillaart


Listening to the discussion, I suddenly wondered if this group should contact the EFF.

See www.eff.org:

"EFF is a nonprofit group of passionate people — lawyers, volunteers, and visionaries — working to protect your digital rights."

As the word lawyer is in the list I guess that they could help with legal advice.

and non-profit sounds good too :)

Note also that there are several domains still available: - freetiff - realtiff - hometiff - tiffhome - tifflib - ourtiff - etc...

Moving to another 'home' makes the www.libtiff.org domain worthless.


PS, we could ask www.tiff.org for a link on their homepage like "searching for the graphical format?".