2008.04.23 13:58 "[Tiff] transparent tiff", by Roman Kazmin

2008.05.28 15:03 "Re: [Tiff] Re: Help needed regarding TIFFClientOpen seekproc", by Bob Friesenhahn

Environment Windows XP:
The libtiff source is built by Visual Studio 2005 SP1. The build completed

I am using TIFFClientOpen: If I do not use TIFFClientOpen but use TIFFOpen
with an arbitary file name, it is working perfectly. Also I do not have
problem reading the multipage tiff file and displaying them with
TIFFClientOpen ("r" option).

I have seen this exact problem before in my own code and it was not specific to Windows. It was an interface problem with my code. What version of libtiff are you using?

Any parameter size mis-match in the callback functions registered by TIFFClientOpen() will cause problems. Libtiff 4.X is introducing 64-bit file offsets (to support BigTIFF) whereas libtiff 3.X.X uses unsigned 32-bit offsets. Notice that the seek function also returns a 64-bit offset value and dire things may happen if this gets converted to a 32-bit value.

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