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2003.12.16 08:07 "Re: [Tiff] Stupid question", by Joris


Did you forget about me? I'm still eager and gratefull to receive a copy of your archive, at

Perhaps this is a good opportunity to repeat that I am also interested in any other LibTiff mailing list archive anyone could have, even if it overlaps with Phillip's.

And finally, I repeat that if anyone feels copyright comes into play and that I'm not allowed to index/group those archives and link 'em with a little tag reading app, to put the results on-line for free download afterwards, he/she should speak up now. I would like Frank's opinion about this too, that I think matters a lot, so I'm kinda puzzled with these last few days of silence. I will NOT do these things if people have objections, so please speak up if you mind.