2009.07.24 13:06 "[Tiff] Wrong datatype for Photoshop tag", by Christian S.

2009.07.24 21:11 "Re: [Tiff] Wrong datatype for Photoshop tag", by Chris Cox

Either type should work, and whatever parses that tag should treat it as bytes.


On 7/24/09 6:06 AM, "Christian S." <GGrisly@gmx.net> wrote:

i have several Tiff files where, for unkown reasons, the photoshop tag (0x8649) was written with the datatype "UNDEFINED" (7).

I changed the datatype manually to "BYTE" (1) and the stored data seems ok, at least imagemagick can use the clipping-paths.

Now i'd rather not make a search and replace in my whole image Archive.

Can i savely add the datatype UNDEFINED to the photoshop tag adding it in tif_dirinfo.c?

Thank You


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