1997.05.08 13:50 "CCITT Group 4 compression and 256 Colors", by Sanjay G. Prabhudesai

1997.05.08 21:06 "Re: CCITT Group 4 compression and 256 Colors", by Daniel McCoy

Look, everybody on the list is telling you that trying to compress a color image with Group 4 compression is a BAD idea.

The software is kind enough to tell you that it's a BAD idea.

There are plenty of other compression schemes available for color images. I, too, would suggest you use one.

But if you are hell bent on compressing your 8-bit image with Group 4 you have to either convert it to a black and white image or tell the library that it is eight times wider and set bitspersample to 1.

Sheesh! Enough already.

Dan McCoy