2004.01.14 17:14 "[Tiff] http://www.libtiff.org/", by Bob Friesenhahn

2004.01.14 22:29 "Re: [Tiff] http://www.libtiff.org/", by Andrey Kiselev

How about Bob's idea? Or how about simply all of us nagging all persons involved untill the hijak is aborted? We just can't sit around and let this happen.

I'm not too optimistic about that because:

  1. I don't think there are will be too many persons ready to send complains on daily basis.
  2. That E-mail address can be directly connected to the /dev/null, so we can easily send the billion e-mails without any effect. /dev/null should work fine on any operating system :-)

I shall try to reach domain holder again and report results.


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