1998.10.29 00:00 "Converting Postscript (.PS or .EPS) to Tiff", by Alchemist Matt

1998.10.30 00:28 "Re: Converting Postscript (.PS or .EPS) to Tiff", by Hugues Talbot


In spite of you having had limited luck with Ghostscript, it is still your best bet.

Make sure you use a recent version (5.10 or later). Use the tiff24nc device. This will generate HUGE images, but that about the only tiff output device that works fine. The current GPL version is something like 3.33, but doesn't work very well.

Your command line could look like this:

gs -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=tiff24nc -r100 -sOutputFile=out.tiff in.ps

Change your resolution to suit your needs (100 dpi in the example).

This is under Unix BTW, but it should work the same under Windows, etc. Gs is very portable.

I've hardly ever had problems with gs. When it doesn't work, your input Postscript file is generally corrupt and wouldn't print anyway. My only complain with it is it's hard to compile, but eh, what can you say, it's a life-saver program.


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