1998.02.20 20:44 "fax3 bug?", by Michael J. Ruhl

1998.02.20 20:44 "fax3 bug?", by Michael J. Ruhl


I have been working with the the libtiff libary (v3.4) and noticed that the tif_fax3.c decode stuff (Fax3Decode1D, Fax3Decode2D, Fax3DecodeRLE, and Fax4decode) return -1 or 1.

The fax2tiff tool does the call like this:

ok = (*tifin->tif-decoderow)(blah).

Then the return code is check like this:

if (!ok) {

If you return -1 or 1, I don't think that ok will ever be false. :) All of the other compression routines return 0 or 1. So I don't think this is right.

If I am wrong, please let me know.


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