2008.06.17 10:49 "[Tiff] ascii to tiff conversion", by C R Granger

2008.06.18 13:36 "Re: [Tiff] ascii to tiff conversion", by John

2008/6/18 Gerben Vos <Gerben@zylab.com>:

I'm pretty sure that programs like ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick can do this too. The "montage" program with the "-draw" option looks promising. They can create TIFF directly.

vips has a text render operation too, for example:

  vips im_text fred.tif "hello world" "sans 12" 0 0 72

will render the text "hello world" into the image fred,tif in the font sans 12, left-aligned, with no line wrapping, at 72 dpi. See: