1995.01.05 11:54 "", by Anuraag Agrawal

1995.01.06 17:51 "xtiff error", by Jeremy Shaw

xtiff: 24-bit DirectColor visual not available

It's been a while since I dabbled with X stuff, but I think that your problem is related to your X server setup. Some servers allow you to set the visual type (there are, I believe, 6 or 8 possible variations). Others just give you the one, and you have to work with that. It sounds like xtiff does not attempt to interrogate the server to ascertain its visual type - it just assumes DirectColor with 8-bit images. You may need to modify xtiff to find out the visual type of the server you are connected to (if I had the right book to hand, I might be able to tell you how...). DirectColor is fairly common, I think, but will not be supported by a monochrome server.

I think this stuff is reasonably explained in Jones (Introduction to The X Window System?). The correct strategy should be to find the best possible visual supported by the server you are conected to, and dither the image in order that it can be displayed there. You might also want to take a look at the FAQ from comp.windows.x (or whatever it is).

I guess the one thing I am fairly sure about, though, is that this is not a problem with the tiff library.

Good luck - colour stuff can be tricky in X!


Jeremy Shaw
Compression Labs Inc.