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On Tue, 03 Jul 2007 16:23:48 +0200, Andy Cave <andy.cave@hamillroad.com> wrote:

Hi Andy,

It sounds like people currently don't write 1m x 1m pixels (and clearly probably don't since they'd exceed classic TIFFs file size), but might start trying to once BigTIFF is out.

Well, they do, but either (as was mentioned before) use multiple TIFFs (GeoTIFF does include the real world coordinates of the content, making it relatively easy to automatically stitch them together) or different file formats (J2K comes to mind since it allows for lossless compression).

Have a look at http://www.geotorrent.org for some sample geodata that easily exceeds 2GB (one file would be 2TB uncompressed).

The question is if Big TIFF is designed as an intermediate file format or a delivery file format ;) (I suppose both)


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