2006.08.01 17:06 "[Tiff] Help *** jpeg_reset_huff_decode *** [bmp2tiff] : Error 1: On Solaris at Compilations", by Dotun Olafunmiloye

2006.08.02 11:37 "[Tiff] Re: jpeg_reset_huff_decode", by Joris Van Damme

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Yes, that's the braindead spam filtering software my employer uses. Normally, I edit the subject line, but my fingers tripped and I hit Send too early. Apologies.

No need, it was crappy before your spam filtering software kicked in. ;-)

Come to think of it, there *is* one more thing I can do to get the message through.


People with OJPEG support enabled in distributed official versions of LibTiff (i.e. previous old-style jpeg support) should check that image. If I remember correctly, it causes access violations at least for some. All will be able to see from the output though, how confused the decoder is, and how an access violation is at the very least just around the corner.

The image is not specially engineered. It is as saved by what we currently know as 'Imaging for Windows' and used to know by the name of 'Kodak/Wang imaging' amongst a handful of other names. People with new current CVS old-style jpeg support enabled, will enjoy a lovely colourfull image of the divine Nina Hagen.

There is plenty of other OJPEG imagery that makes the previous old-style jpeg support fall over and die, the above is not an exception.

Joris Van Damme
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