2007.06.29 18:41 "[Tiff] Obsolete libtiff.org Web Site", by Kevin Myers

2007.07.09 15:40 "Re: [Tiff] Re: Enhancements for tiffdump and tiffset", by Andrey Kiselev

On Thu, Jul 05, 2007 at 06:43:23PM -0500, Kevin Myers wrote:

>>tiffdump - added the following new options:
>>-i - restricts output to a specific tag id
>>-b - bare output format, omits file and tag header information under
>>appropriate conditions
>>-e - end of line fixup for bare format output, converts nulls and end of
>>line characters to appropriate host values
>>-r - raw output format, produces unformatted binary tag data

>>The above options were primarily implemented to better facilitate

>> to extract specific tag data from tiff files in using tiffdump

> >>formats that can be more easily piped into subsequent filters for > >>further processing. Previous behavior remains unchanged if the new

>>options are not used.
>>Usage: tiffdump [options] file.tif...
>> Data selection options: [-i <tagId>] [-o <offset>] [-m <maxitems>]
>> Output formatting options: [-b]=bare, [-r]=raw, [-e]=EOL fixup, [-h]=hex
>> Tag headers always printed if tagId (-i) option not specified.
>> File headers always printed for multiple input files.
>>C:\MSVC8\tiff-3.8.2\Release>tiffdump -i 306 -m 200 -b -e
>>1999:12:07 19:32:49
>>tiffset - added the following new option:
>>-t - specifies the data type for unrecognized tags and allows their data

> >>to be set

>>The above option was primarily implemented to allow tiffset to be

> >>used as a simple tool for setting the value of almost any tag,

>>whether support for specific tag is presently built into that

> >>libtiff or not. Previous behavior remains unchanged if the new

>>option is not used. The new option does not the correct data allow >>types for built-in tags to be altered.

>>usage: tiffset [options] tiff-filename
>>where options are:
>>-t <data type> set data type for unknown tags, precedes -s or -sf if
>>-s <tagname> [count] <value>... set the tag value
>>-sf <tagname> <data filename> read tag value from file (ASCII tags
>>C:\MSVC8\tiff-3.8.2\Release>tiffset -t 2 -s 65000 testing
>>C:\MSVC8\tiff-3.8.2\Release>tiffdump -i 65000 ..\test\test.tif
>>Magic: 0x4d4d <big-endian> Version: 0x2a
>>Directory 0: offset 1819464 (0x1bc348) next 0 (0)
>>65000 (0xfde8) ASCII (2) 8<testing\0>


Could you prepare the diff file (use uniform diffs, please) with your patches and create appropriate bug entry in our Bugzilla (http://bugzilla.remotesensing.org/)? Otherwise it will be very hard to review and apply your changes.

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Andrey V. Kiselev
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