2006.08.01 17:06 "[Tiff] Help *** jpeg_reset_huff_decode *** [bmp2tiff] : Error 1: On Solaris at Compilations", by Dotun Olafunmiloye

2006.08.02 11:00 "[Tiff] Re: jpeg_reset_huff_decode (was: enormously crappy subject line)", by Joris Van Damme


Yes, that is the old OJPEG support. Please read my other reply carefully, it is important and it applies.

In that case, contrib/ojpeg should be removed from the distribution or at least contrib/ojpeg/README should be rewritten.

That's done in current CVS. Changelog says:

2006-06-07 Andrey Kiselev

In older versions, the old unstable OJPEG support wasn't enabled by default, for good reason, and it contained sufficient warning as to its state near the top the source file.

In the new version, the top of the source file includes this remark:


This file interfaces with Release 6B of the JPEG Library written by the Independent JPEG Group. Previous versions of this file required a hack inside the LibJpeg library. This version no longer requires that. Remember to remove the hack if you update from the old version. </quote>

I don't see what else we can do. I don't think we can go back and 'cure' old version, or can we? So right now, we best simply recommend people not to enable OJPEG support in current official distributions (as we did before, even if only by not enabling it by default), or to use current CVS version instead.

Joris Van Damme
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