2005.03.06 17:00 "[Tiff] Problem with libtiff.a", by Gregory Safford

2005.03.07 01:28 "Re: [Tiff] Problem with libtiff.a", by Gregory Safford

As you suggested, in trying various things I had reduced the arguments I was using to the point that I was missing some needed libraries (JPEG, math, etc.). Returning to the original command as taken from the ImageMagick configure output but replacing the -ltiff argument with a fully qualified call to my local libtiff.a or libtiff.so resulted in successful compilation of my little test program.

Now if I can get ImageMagick's configure to use the local libtiff instead of /usr/local/libtiff.so, which complains about the lack of some c++ functions (which is why I was trying to circumvent it).

Thanks for your help.