2005.03.30 00:18 "[Tiff] RFC: fast 'copy free' tiff decoding", by Ron

2005.03.30 00:53 "Re: [Tiff] RFC: fast 'copy free' tiff decoding", by Ron

Obvious question - how do you cope with 'values' that need to be byte swapped?

Obvious answer - on demand :-) In C++ that's almost natural if you provide accessors to the members. In C we'd just move the accessor methods out of the structure where required. In some cases, like 'converting' packed ABGR to RGBA pixels, we can actually exploit the fact that things appear 'swapped' on some systems to once again simply 'recast' the data into a structure where the order appears more appropriate (or is named and hence irrelevant to the user).

The precise layout of some structures may depend on the byte sex of the host system, but the code that uses them should not need to care or know about that.