2005.02.22 10:50 "[Tiff] Tiff utilities core dump in Solaris 2.7", by Peter Butterfield

2005.02.22 15:10 "Re: [Tiff] Tiff utilities core dump in Solaris 2.7", by Bob Friesenhahn

Help! I can't even get to testing a graphic:

On a Sun Ultra 2 workstation running Solaris 2.7, I built tiff 3.7.1 with no problem. All typescripts from the configure, make and install steps look perfect, with no errors or aborts. And only five compiler warnings in the make.

Problem is, the utilities all core-dump with segmentation fault, immediately. For instance, "tiffdump" or "tiffinfo" with no graphic name should return the help message, instead I get the core dump. Same for ALL the utilities built

Make sure that your GCC installation is configured and built for the version of Solaris you are building libtiff on. Your GCC installation seems suspect since the GDB build you are using is from Solaris 2.5. When GCC is installed, it installs "fixed" headers which are modified system headers, causing the installation to be OS version specific. I use libtiff under Solaris 9, built with GCC 3.4.2, without any such problems.


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