2005.03.06 17:00 "[Tiff] Problem with libtiff.a", by Gregory Safford

2005.03.06 17:04 "Re: [Tiff] Problem with libtiff.a", by Bob Friesenhahn

I am trying (and failing) to get libtiff to work with ImageMagick. I have compiled libtif (v 3.7.1) separately, and the commandline utilities seem to work, but ImageMagick's configure fails to approve of the installation. In the course of working on this, I tried to compile one of ImageMagick configure's test programs myself. The trivial program

You did not mention your operating system. Solaris comes with an antique libtiff which is used in preference to any .a library since shared libraries are preferred over static libraries. Linux and other systems also come with libtiff, and link against shared libraries first.

Make sure that your libtiff is built as a shared library, and that the linker is told where it is. Under Solaris, you may need to add a -R option to specify the run-time library search path.


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