2005.11.15 18:08 "[Tiff] jpeg in tiff vs. standalone jpeg question", by Sam Neymotin


I'm using LibTIFF to create Tif files with embedded JPEGs. Using a quality setting of 50 produces a file that is about 3MB. Using the same quality setting simply using libjpeg with the same quality setting produces a file that is about 1MB. Is there some constraint on the JPEGs written inside of a TIFF file? I looked here: http://libtiff.maptools.org/TIFFTechNote2.html but couldn't find an answer. Maybe there is some setting in the TIFF library that will enable me to get the same compression in both the tif file and the jpeg file? I noticed that with the same quality settings the pixels in both images were identical so the only difference was file size.

Thanks for any help.