2005.10.18 08:30 "[Tiff] WG: TIFFSetField", by Tobias Gurski

I try to change the IPTC in formation in a tiff. But I did not find any way of changing a existing tif.

Are there any way to do that or have I wirte a new Tif an copy alle information of the original?

Thanks for your answer!

This does not work because tif=TIFFOpen(filePath.c_str(),"w") creates a new Tif.

TIFF * tif;

      if (tif=TIFFOpen(filePath.c_str(),"w"))


            TIFFSetField(tif,TIFFTAG_RICHTIFFIPTC,(uint32) size/4,(void
*) iptc_buffer))



      return true;