2005.10.25 21:19 "[Tiff] Private Tiff Tag Assignment", by Craig J. Lindstrom

A number of years ago I was assigned a block of tiff tags for a project I was working on. The project got scrapped and unfortunately all the prototype code was lost as well. Recently the project has been reincarnated and I would like to use those tags. I have tried to find out what tag numbers were assigned to me from Adobe but have had no luck. I have sent email with no response and today a dolt in tech support hung up on me because he asked me what operating system and I said any (because it is a specification not an implementation). So my question is how can I find out what tags were assigned to me? They would have been assigned to Craig Lindstrom with the company of either Sage Enterprises or eSage. Anyone have any idea how to get this information?


Craig Lindstrom
Assistant Professor
Information Systems Department
Marriott School of Management
Brigham Young University
(801) 422-4602