2005.09.23 21:11 "[Tiff] Additional Lossless Compression Schemes", by Frank Warmerdam

2005.09.27 04:01 "RE: [Tiff] Additional Lossless Compression Schemes", by Chris Cox

I think that 2 megabyte is wasteful. Also, while 2 megabyte may seem like just a little bit of memory in a modern computer, it may be a lot of memory for a device like a photo printer.

You are confusing the need of LibTiff (allocate, store and decompress complete strip into an allocated and stored decompressed... euh, complete strip, in a single go) with the need of the format (seperate tiles/strips are perfectly streamable if their compression scheme is, and all compression schemes are, sofar).

Agreed. However for zip compression, Adobe's guidance of 32K is reasonable guidance. You can verify for yourself that the compression benefits of larger strips are negligible past a strip size of 32K.

Are you sure Adobe still saves TIFF's with 32K strips? Adobe Photoshop CS seems to save 256K strips now.

Photoshop 7 and CS will use however much memory they can get to save strips. Bigger strips pay off in compression and file I/O (and reduce some file format overhead as well).