2006.08.01 17:06 "[Tiff] Help *** jpeg_reset_huff_decode *** [bmp2tiff] : Error 1: On Solaris at Compilations", by Dotun Olafunmiloye

2006.08.01 19:03 "Re: Resolved : [Tiff] Help *** jpeg_reset_huff_decode *** [bmp2tiff] :Error 1: On Solaris at Compilations", by Joris Van Damme

  ~/tiff-3.8.2/contrib/ojpeg/README contains very important information. I
followed its instructions

o Append the jdhuff_add.c code to the end of jdhuff.c within the IJG JPEG
   libraries jdhuff.c file and recompile libjpeg (jpeg-6b tested).

Yes, that is the old OJPEG support. Please read my other reply carefully, it is important and it applies.

Joris Van Damme
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