2006.09.18 14:17 "[Tiff] Flate/RLE compression in TIFF", by Thierry Pierron

2006.09.18 20:29 "Re: [Tiff] Flate/RLE compression in TIFF", by Chris Cox

No, that is not supported in TIFF.

Also, it would generally get worse compression than doing a forward differencing predictor followed by FLATE compression (which is allowed in TIFF).


On 9/18/06 7:17 AM, "Thierry Pierron" <t.pierron@polkadots.ca> wrote:

I wonder if libtiff support that kind of compression (as far as I've seen in tiff.h, it seems that not, but who knows ...). Actually this compression scheme consists first to compress data line by line using RLE (packbits) algorithm, then compress the whole stream (not line by line) using zlib (flate algorithm), thus its name: Flate/RLE.

I found such compression into some EPS file. I would like to extract data part and put it inside a TIFF body, so that I can use libtiff to read them (without having to unpack them manually first, and then repack them using libtiff). Actually, I'm doing a similar job to read EPS file, compressed using COMPRESSION_CCITT_T6 (Group4) and it works rather well.

I see that there is a function TIFFRegisterCODEC() that should interrest me, but as far as I've seen, it seems rather under documented. Maybe someone can point to an example using this function?