2007.07.11 00:04 "[Tiff] BigTIFF, let the race begin!", by Bob Friesenhahn

2007.07.11 09:53 "Re: [Tiff] BigTIFF, let the race begin!", by Frederic Delhoume


I have updated my VLIV Windows viewer to allow bigtiff files loading. No changes on my source except for recognizing these files.

It works on the sample files from Aware Systems, but I did not generate myself large (more then 4 Gigabytes) BigTIFF files that I could test in Vliv. It seem to still load standard TIFFs, that is good news ;-)

The viewer is available as a free download on http://vlivviewer.free.fr/vliv.htm

in the download section.

It should handle strips and tiles nicely, only loading what intersects the view area. It only recognizes BigTIFF files that start with 0x49, 0x49, 0x2b, 0x00 only

There should be no real limitation on the file size so 80000x80000 looks small... In fact I have already loaded standard TIFF files with dimensions much larger than that.


----- Original Message ----

Today I used GraphicsMagick in conjunction with the BigTIFF capable

libtiff (still under development) from CVS to create a 9.2GB tiled

TIFF file on an Intel FreeBSD system. Not being satisifed with that,

I then switched over to a SPARC Solaris system and created an 18GB

stripped TIFF, with one row per strip. Both files were read to verify
sane content.

While GraphicsMagick can handle huge files (except for under Windows),

I am sure that some other software is better equipped for this task.

I am interested to hear about the largest BigTIFF files (with verified

readability) that people are able to write using their applications.

Let the race begin!

% tiffinfo bigtiff.tiff
TIFF Directory at offset 0x47868c010 (19200000016)
   Image Width: 80000 Image Length: 80000
   Bits/Sample: 8
   Sample Format: unsigned integer
   Compression Scheme: None
   Photometric Interpretation: RGB color
   Samples/Pixel: 3
   Rows/Strip: 1
   Planar Configuration: single image plane
   DocumentName: /home/bfriesen/bigtiff.tiff
   Software: GraphicsMagick 1.2 unreleased Q8

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