2007.06.29 13:44 "[Tiff] Microsoft Image Viewer", by Jonathan Finger

2007.07.10 20:08 "[Tiff] Re: More question about Vista x64 tifflib build.", by Edward Lam

David Cheeseman wrote:
> Edward,
> So I followed your build instruction and managed to get a compiled

> library of the 3.8.2 libtiff.lib and to get it out of the way I'm very > grateful for this information. However, I've run into the same problem

> I did when I tried to hook into the library from C driver code, none of > the functions can be reached and I get several unresolved external symbols.

Our build system is quite different so it wouldn't help you. Anyhow, so I became interested and tried compiling 3.8.2. Here's what I did:

This all compiled and seemed to run fine when I ran it with a test image. Of course, I didn't verify the actual data read. :)



> My new question is, how do you import the libtiff.lib file in such a

> way that the functions are visible in Visual C? Also, upon rebuilding > our 32bit lib under 3.8.2, I ran into the same issue. Am I using the

> wrong build tool? What modifications did you make to your Makefile? As > far as I know all you need to do to build a 64 bit library is to run

> 'setenv /x64 /vista' in the platform sdk (which uses nmake). Could you > post your buildsteps for x64?

> I know this is a lot to ask so I thank you in advance for any more
> information!