2006.09.17 16:09 "[Tiff] embed text", by doug rogers

2006.09.18 19:47 "Re: [Tiff] embed text", by Toby Thain

On 18-Sep-06, at 3:25 PM, Pallek, Bernie: #CIPO - OPIC wrote:

Googling 'embed text' and 'Tiff' found this list and some discussions here where such a topic comes up occasionally.

I am wondering if there is a utility or program which will do such a thing? Apparently not. It would be an extremely useful trick.

My client requires my cartoons in TIFF format. After print on dead trees publishing the cartoons remain on the publishers server as jpg's converted by the web master who sets up the paper's web site.

So what happens is the cartoons now on the web are unsearchable by content unless you know the saved name of the file. I would love the ability to embed keywords in the graphic file which would also survive the translation to jpg.

There is an "ImageDescription" tag that sounds like it would be useful; you could use tiffset (the tool from libtiff) to add this tag. The only problem is, I don't know if any search engines index on the contents of ImageDescription, and I also have doubts that the contents of the tag would be preserved across any manipulation, especially conversion to another format, even if that format had an equivalent notion.

The IPTC metadata, if embedded the way it likes it, will be round- tripped *and editable* by Photoshop (File Info), if that tool is of interest to the O.P.

Although, if you manage the conversion to JPEG yourself, you might just be able to ensure that the text crosses safely. Also, your website could have some custom code put in to search the content of ImageDescription (your web site's search function would have to interact with tiffinfo/tiffdump, or a custom made small program that fetches out the content of the tag, and passes it your search engine).