2006.08.01 17:06 "[Tiff] Help *** jpeg_reset_huff_decode *** [bmp2tiff] : Error 1: On Solaris at Compilations", by Dotun Olafunmiloye

2006.08.01 18:24 "Re: [Tiff] Help *** jpeg_reset_huff_decode *** [bmp2tiff] : Error1: On Solaris at Compilations", by Joris Van Damme

What is the origin of your libjpeg? The libjpeg I have installed does not include a 'jpeg_reset_huff_decode' symbol and this symbol is not intentionally referenced by any libtiff code as far as I can see.

IIRC, that is the 'kludge' hack required by old-style old-style jpeg support, i.e. the name of the function that needed to be injected into the LibJpeg code to suit the previous tif_ojpeg.c.

Dotun, if you use a version that is this old, best NOT enable OJPEG support. The tif_ojpeg.c that was there is more trouble then it's worth, up to and including some security issues, it supports only a minority of OJPEG imagery, and is know to badly crash acces-violation-style on some. You can't mix current tif_ojpeg.c with older libtiff's, either, because some small hacks in source files other then tif_ojpeg.c are required for full OJPEG support. So best either disable OJPEG, or use current CVS version. In either case, you will not need to change LibJpeg source to include this jpeg_reset_huff_decode function, and your building process should not require it.

Joris Van Damme
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