2005.11.22 15:22 "[Tiff] Geotifcp for decompression?", by Alex Brown

Hello - I'm processing a large timeseries collection from http://glcf.umiacs.umd.edu/data/gimms; I find the data is in a 16b integer "compressed greyscale" GeoTIFF format that's not supported by Idrisi, our preferred toolkit here at Clark U. I am trying to find a scriptable solution to decompression, and although it looks like geotifcp should be able to do it (based on tiffcp(1) support of LZW etc through -c switch), geotifcp can't read the header, and tiffinfo finds unknown tags (below).

As a file integrity check I read it with "irfanview" and saved with no compression; the resulting file did import to Idrisi as two 8b band images, which look like they might be high and low order bytes. I really need the 16b data unfortunately, and I would like to find a clean way to use geotifcp to process hundreds of 40MB files rather than irfanview's batch feature. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance -

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bash-2.05b$ tiffinfo 81aug15a.n07-VIg_data.tif > 81aug15a.n07-VIg_data_tif_info.txt TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, 81aug15a.n07-VIg_data.tif: unknown field with tag 33550 (0x830e) encountered. TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, 81aug15a.n07-VIg_data.tif: unknown field with tag 33922 (0x8482) encountered. TIFFReadDirectory: Warning, 81aug15a.n07-VIg_data.tif: with tag 34735 (0x87af) encountered.