2005.03.20 13:32 "[Tiff] bug #732 caused other problems in building (configure and libport.so*)", by Norihiko Murase

2005.03.23 06:52 "Re: [Tiff] bug #732 caused other problems in building (configure andlibport.so*)", by Norihiko Murase

Thanks, Andrey.

I have made a change in the current CVS to use libtool abilities to add rpath instead of direct linker options. Please, try this in your environment.

I got the source from the CVS repository and checked the following change:

2005-03-22  Andrey Kiselev  <dron@remotesensing.org>

        * configure.ac, libtiff/Makefile.am}: Use libtool machinery to pass
        rpath option.

First, I refer to the conclusion --- you should modify also tools/Makefile* (at least) as you did libtiff/Makefile.am. Currently, the -R options are NOT added to the linker when the tools (bmp2tiff, fax2ps, and so on) are built. The contents of the tools/Makefile was as the following:

LINK = $(LIBTOOL) --tag=CC --mode=link $(CCLD) $(AM_CFLAGS) $(CFLAGS) \
        $(AM_LDFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) -o $@
LIBS = -ljpeg -lz -lm -lc
bmp2tiff_SOURCES = bmp2tiff.c
bmp2tiff_LDADD = $(LIBTIFF) $(LIBPORT)
bmp2tiff$(EXEEXT): $(bmp2tiff_OBJECTS) $(bmp2tiff_DEPENDENCIES)
        @rm -f bmp2tiff$(EXEEXT)
        $(LINK) $(bmp2tiff_LDFLAGS) $(bmp2tiff_OBJECTS) $(bmp2tiff_LDADD) $(LIBS)

This means that the value of LIBDIR is *NOT* specified as the parameter for the libtool.

I got the build-logs by means of script(1) when I tried building it on IRIX (IRIX64 ****** 6.5 10151453 IP35) as well as on FreeBSD (4.8-RELEASE).

    * 3.7.2 on FreeBSD            : log-3.7.2
    * CVS (03/23/2005) on FreeBSD : log-cvs_20050323
    * CVS (03/23/2005) on IRIX    : log-cvs_20050323_IRIX

# I don't attach them to this mail message --- if I did, the
# size of it would get too large... Of course, I'll send to
# those who would like to look into these log files.

These logs mean the following:

(1) (3.7.2 -> CVS) port/libport.*: ONLY the libport.a is
    generated, and the libport.so* is NOT generated.
(2) (3.7.2 -> CVS) libtiff/{libtiff,libtiffxx}.so*: The
    rpath options (--rpath <dir>) are now added correctly.
(3) (CVS) FreeBSD vs. IRIX: "--rpath" (FreeBSD) vs. "-rpath"
    as the rpath option.
(4) (3.7.2 -> CVS) tools/.libs/*: Now the --enable-rpath
    option does NOT work --- the rpath options are *NOT*
    added for libjpeg or for zlib!!

(1) and (2) show that this change is good. (3) does that we can build it even on IRIX. (4) does that this change is incomplete, so I referred to it above.

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