2005.09.23 21:11 "[Tiff] Additional Lossless Compression Schemes", by Frank Warmerdam

2005.09.27 02:32 "Re: [Tiff] Additional Lossless Compression Schemes", by Bob Friesenhahn

Then make 'm not linked in by default. That has worked for LZW when it was believed to be covered by patents. Or is there reason to assume this will not be sufficient to eliminate trouble with JPEG2000 and JBIG?

When TIFF LZW was invented, Adobe (Aldus?) was not aware of the patent issue. Of course they got the LZW a bit wrong as well.

I was just posting as a reminder, not to imply that it is not useful to do.

So do you want to pass up BigTIFF in favor of JPEG2000 compressed TIFF. :-)

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