2004.05.28 06:26 "[Tiff] Tiff last tile problems", by Albert Adell

2004.05.28 20:57 "Re: [Tiff] Tiff last tile problems", by Andrey Kiselev

I'm using the LibTiff library with this sequence:

Open Tiff non-compressed A
Create a Tiff compressed B
Do while (exist tile)
        copyTile A to B
end do
Close A
Close B

then the last tile of output tiff is filled up with black data. This behaviour only appears sometimes in release version, not in debug. Trying to look a work around, we use the flush operation (even it is written at the documentation that it is not necessary) but the behavior is the same.


What about a bit of real code you are using? libtiff should work fine using the above algorithm, probably you have a bug in your code (or it is a subtle problem in libtiff).


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