2003.09.29 09:27 "[Tiff] performance on windows platform", by Bernd Stahlbock

2003.09.29 14:17 "[Tiff] performance on windows platform", by Frank Warmerdam

tifflib is a multi platform solution, so I'm wondering how good the performance on windows 2000 systems is. Is there a possibility to change it myself to windows memory mapped files or something? Did somebody things like this? What do you think will the performance improvement be?


The default IO implementation for libtiff on Win32 platforms includes support for memory mapped IO. I am not sure whether memory mapped IO is ever used by defaut, but you can force it to be used by including the "m" flag in the access string to TIFFOpen().


   TIFF *tiff;

   tiff = TIFFOpen( "abc.tif", "rm" );

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