1997.03.17 21:00 "undefined symbol "__eprintf" with cc/CC under Solaris 2.4", by Armin Wittmann

1997.03.17 21:44 "Re: undefined symbol "__eprintf" with cc/CC under Solaris 2.4", by Gary Burgess

But on Sparc I always get this undefined symbol "__eprintf" with the final linking procedure.

While compiling your tool not one warning or error occured.

This occurs when some part of your application is compiled with gcc, but you don't use gcc for linking. There are several possible remedies, eg. use gcc for linking, recompile everything with the native compiler, include the gcc library that resolves _eprintf in your link (I don't remember which it is, but you should be able to find out easily enough), etc.

Hope this helps,