2003.09.30 14:57 "[Tiff] Reading thumbnail", by takamiyakita@yahoo.co.jp

2003.09.30 15:32 "[Tiff] Reading thumbnail", by takamiyakita@yahoo.co.jp

By reading TIFF Specification, full-size image is in IFD0 and thumbnail is in IFD1.

So, I was trying to get thumbnail data by calling TIFFSetDirectory(tifr,1) after calling TIFFOpen( ).

libtiff start IFD counting with 0. Please try TIFFSetDirectory(tifr,0).

Thanks for your reply!

Maybe, TIFFSetDirectory(tifr,0) sets directory of "full-size" image. but thumbnail is in IFD1. so I was try TIFFSetDirectory(tifr,1) for thumbnail.

any wrong??

I guess that I misunderstand TIFF Specification. Do Anyone know sample code of reading thumbnail of Adobe PhotoShop?

thank you.