2003.08.04 02:57 "[Tiff] Configure ZIP, JPEG, PIXARLOG", by Robin Rowe

2003.08.04 16:16 "[Tiff] Configure ZIP, JPEG, PIXARLOG", by Frank Warmerdam

Hi. I am trying to enable the libtiff modes that are not enabled by default. Is there any documentation for doing this?

This is the configure setting I deduced, but it only works for ZIP. The JPEG and PIXARLOG settings are silently ignored.

% configure --with-JPEG --with-ZIP --with-PIXARLOG

How do I make it work?

This method should work. You can edit config.site file as another method to configure build options. Every option has a comment in this file.


I would add that a low-tech approach to enabling some of the more esoteric features is to just read through libtiff/tiffconf.h and enable the desired features. A variety of color space, compression and other options can be accomplished this way. The configure options just preset some of these options in the config.site file.

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